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Jerry Maguire Was A Liar

Anybody over 40 can likely remember going to see Jerry Maguire. I think it was one of the biggest movies released in the late 1990′s and it was the ultimate romantic chick flick.

Jerry Maguire was a liar. (more…)

My panic attack: How I avoided it today.

Today was the first time in a long time that I felt I was not going to cope. I was sitting in a lecture theatre full of first year Biology students. Not just any old biology class (here is the heart, here is the liver etc) oh no, this is molecular biology. It’s a compulsory subject. I am completely lost in every lecture.


decoding biology

The only way I cope in this class is by doing lots of self study out of hours, but I still struggle with it. I was particularly overwhelmed today because I felt behind on the previous week’s lectures so I knew I would be facing an avalanche of information. (more…)

Warning! Holding a grudge can give you amnesia.

Jessica Ainscough, a young Australian blogger died last week. This week, the little part of the internet I am connected to has exploded with posts and comments about the damage Jess has left behind. Jess called herself a “Wellness Warrior” and I always found her posts to be great reminders for me to tend to my own health – on all levels.

bloggers go crazy this week (more…)

What’s in a name?

Do you remember the old Sydney Morning Herald ads that showed people at a dinner party desperately trying to avoid sitting next to the person who only knew how to talk about one topic, like chook farming, for instance? I think I have become that person, only instead of chooks I like to talk about failure. A lot.

failure-as-a-topic (more…)

An offer too good to refuse.

I boldly declared three weeks ago that 2015 was going to be a year of action for me. A year of doing, not just thinking. Today I received an offer that will force me into action – an enrolment offer from the University of Newcastle… (more…)

Forget the circle – it’s all about the cycle.

Let me apologise up front if this post firmly lodges the melodic sound of Elton John into your brain for the rest of the day. As moving as the “Circle of Life” was in The Lion King, I have realised there’s a phenomenon far more influential – it’s the Cycle of Life.

cycle of life is so influential to us all. (more…)

Mindfulness: does a labotomy help?

I’ve had a tumultuous (love that word!) two weeks. The conflict has been with myself and I can happily report that it is resolved now. The path to inner peace, however, was a real gift that enabled me to learn a bit more about myself. What happens if mindfulness causes mind-unrest?

mindfulness has helped


How thick is your skin?

It’s great to be back in the driver’s seat again. Thanks so much for your patience while I took some time out to attend to other business matters. I’ve had two profound realisations while I have been off doing other things – (1); I’m getting older, (2); I’ve learned more in my life time than I had realised. In fact, I almost titled this post – “Thank God for Middle Age”.

aging is a gift (more…)

Is anxiety keeping you awake?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to make a decision about your life? Ever stayed awake at night feeling stuck? There may well be three little triggers affecting your ablity to reach an outcome… (more…)

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